December 23, 2009

Gingerbread cookies

In our family we always bake our own Gingerbread cookies, from scratch that making the dough by ourselves. Or I should say my mom does....I tried it once. I believe my friends from U.S remembers.
But ever since I was a little girl, making gingerbread cookies is part of our christmas tradition. Some years it was really fun and others just a drag to do it...but I always did. This year we made some with The WildChild and my mom, my second oldest brother and his girlfriend who are home from Spain.

A big batch of dough and lots of cookiecutter shapes

ahh...well if you don't behave then....:)

The WildChild and her grandma

Now the WildChild only lasted a few minutes...then she got bored, my brother also got bored....and in the end it was his girlfriend, me and my mom to finish off the cookies! We fought until the very end... hmm okay I lied...we still have some dough left! :)) (René, did thought of sending you some, but don't think that customs will like me so much)

25 minutes left until Christmas Eve....a day filled with magic...:)

Merry Christmas....

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