September 27, 2009

The Cavalier Hotel

The Hotel That Made Virginia Beach Famous

For over 80 years, The Cavalier has been the hotel that made Virginia Beach famous. Founded in 1927, the hotel has attracted a wide range of guests and celebrities, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and five other US Presidents. The Cavalier was used as a naval training center during World War II and its Director of Guest Services, Carlos Wilson, who has worked for the hotel since 1938, remembers the joyous celebration the night the War ended.

a place full with history, secrets, funtime and so much more. In the 70's they built the new Cavalier Hotel which is now called the Oceanfront Cavalier. And at that time they also decided that the Old Cavalier, the Cavalier on the hill, would be closed. Can say that I am glad that the people voted against it and to this day you can experience the full glory of the Cavalier Hotel.

This is by far the majestic hotel I have stayed in. And will return more than once I tell you.
If you ever have chance to stop by Virginia Beach, I do recommend the Cavalier Hotel....that would be the one on top of the hill. I am a history buff, love it so much I might irritate the people around me. I guess I love it since I am a memory preserver of the past, and want to preserve it so that years from now people won't forget and will pass them forward to others. That and that I had the best history teacher in highschool is two of the major things where my love for History comes from.
Check out for more history and photos.

If I could timetravel, then this is a place I would love to visit way back then....during its Prime time!

P.s....yes this is the hotel we stayed in and Thomas aka Freddy Kruger costume took place.