September 25, 2009

a haunted hotel and a Freddy Kruger look a like...

See this guy above....that is a dear and loving boy named Thomas showing me his newes costume creation. This is a story I need to tell you before it escapes my memory forever. (which I really don't think it will...:))

My vacation to the states brought me back to Virginia beach and a hotel that is named The Cavalier. The Cavalier is an old beachresort hotel from the 1920's, beautiful with its old history and settings. Anyway the Hotel is rumoured to be haunted, which I can see from my time there. Everything is basically how it was back when...the colors, the furniture everything. They just modernized some parts of it.
Anyway, the story that entails the boy in the picture who looks like Freddy Kruger, or at least gives you the chills like him anyway is pretty funny.

The last night we were there i promised a friend of mine that I would call her and catch up. So I sat myself in one of the lounging rooms by the lobby, overlooking the elevators. We were deep in conversation about, food or guys or what not....;) This is late at night around 11 pm or so, so the traffic in the Hotel were basically none except for the occasional hotelguest returning from the boardwalk and of course the lobby person. There I was deep in conversation with my friend and I see the elevator coming down...thinking that who is up that late! I see the doors open slowly and I am in this huge discussion with my friend on the phone. And all of the sudden I see the Freddy Kruger/boy coming out and I just started if I hadn't known it was him then I would've ran the other way. The boy comes towards me and I am laughing my heart out and my friend is completely oblivious to what I am laughing about. The boy comes over and sits infront of me and I ask...."why are you dressed like that, in the middle of the night scarying people?". He goes..."this isn't scary...".
So there I am with a phone to one ear trying to explain the situation to my friend and then trying to explain to the kid that we are staying in a haunted hotel, and it is late at night and he will scare people. So then he removes his headdress and begs for candy. I figure, since I am not his parent...then why not! ;)) (yeah parents out there...don't give me you kids...I will most likely give them candy and spoil them rotten!)

I go back to my oh so important conversation with my friend and totally forgets the boy/freddy kruger, well not really forget.... besides his dad was outside smoking a cigarr...:) I then hear some hotelguests coming in the front door fromt their boardwalk adventures. I see them reaching the elevators and one of them jumps to the side a bit from seeing something....then he turns to his friend and laughs and goes in the elevator. I see them talking before the doors close and realize that the boy/Freddy Kruger is somewhere in the hallway. ( now this kid cracks me up)

After hour or so...I was rounding up the conversation and moved towards the lobby to use the restroom that is down the hall. I walk and say goodbye to my friend and look to my left towards some seats opposite the lobby. Do you know what I then see???

There on the seat was the boy/freddy kruger, sitting stiff as a corpse. I thought this kid was upstairs in bed by now!!! No....he had been sitting there all this time, scarying first the hotelguests that came in and then even the lobby person!!
My heart goes out to the lobbyperson...cause he must hear tons of stuff at night and then have a real life "ghost" in his hotel....yieks!
I took the boy by his arm (wanted to grab his ear but his headdress was in the way...besides I was afraid he didn't clean them either), and dragged him to bed! Shaking my head all the way!

But I was laughing on the inside....