August 14, 2009

Alive and prosper....

SO I finally arrived here in the states!! After a long and boring flight I could finally set my feet on land again....and it actually hit me on the planeride that I was actually on vacation and that i soon would meet long lasting friends again! With all the excitement in me I stood in line for customs like everyone do! It got to be my turn and I was dreading the fact of being stuck there for another hour or so....but then.....The nice officer just stamped my passport and said you have a nice day!!!! I got through...without and hazzle!!!

So on I went, met up with Kent at the parkinglot....we then drove to this reastaurant called Dogfish....great food I tell you! Downed down like 3 beers...they make their own beer and have different flavors to them. After that and being up for like oh...24 hours I got to get home and meet the kids...and finally get to bed!

Woke up groggy yesterday morning, early as hell....but what the heck. Ended up cleaning the kitchend, got the kids up and then we headed out to get some more cleaning supplies and clothes. Spent yesterday to clean out the kids rooms....which they were suppose to do before I got here....:) We are still not done, so today is the last day to do it and do heaps of laundry.

Sipping my Chai tea and enjoying is great and I feel relaxed.

That is it for now.