June 1, 2009

I did say I was hungry...right...?!?!

Well...I challenged myself to do or to make something different. You know...to try something new, broaden my horizon! :)

So I found this recipe for Zucchini patties....OH MY GOD!! :)

here is what you need: zucchini (or squash works too), eggs, milk, thyme ( I used oregano..), salt and pepper and oil.

1. The recipe says...to sift the flower...but....I don't do that!:) In one bowl I mixed the flower and added parmesan cheese for flavor...stirred it with a fork (my version of sifting)

2. Then mix in the eggs (which you have beaten together already)... the recipe says a bit at a time...but was too hungry and poured everything in...works too! :)

3. then add the milk...that I did do a bit at a time...since you might not use all the milk. The texture should be thick and smooth. Put that aside when done.

4. Rinse the Zucchini and shred/grind (hmm...not the right word) it coarsly over a bowl which have a papertowel in the bottom. This way some of the fluids will get into the papertowel = not so juicy anymore.

5. Now for the fun part...Mix the grated (that's the word I was looking for) zucchini, thyme or whatever herb you have nearby, salt and pepper into the eggmix/batter. Mix really well. Here you can also add som dried chili if you want it to be a bit more spicy

6. Heat the oil in a thick fryingpan. In spoonfuls drop the zucchini mix into the hot oil. (use caution!!!) I tablespoon makes a normal size pattie, a half makes a small one so...just eyeball it! :) They should get about 3-4 min on each side...but then again..it all varies from oven to oven. But goldenbrown is what you are aiming for!

7. put the patties on a papertowl to dry off. Serve warm!!! ( although lukewarm is great aswell...you can eat them with your fingers then! :) )

I dipped them in garlic sauce...you can take whatever you wish or like.

This recipe says that you will get from 16 to 30 patties...but....I think I got just 15...all about the sizes you prefer!

You can mix in any herbs or spices to your liking.


just about 1½ dl flour

2 eggs (beaten)

4 msk milk

300g zucchini...or one normal size

2 msk fresh thyme (or whatever herbs you have hanging around)

salt and pepper

1 msk oil (I used a bit more)

Enjoy!!! :)