June 2, 2009

White sofa anyone?!?!?!

Okay, i have a dilemma....I want to get a new sofa. But my moneybank says NO! :) So I figured I just go and get a new slipcover for it...problem is that Ikea don't sell them anymore. Found a website that do slipcovers for Ikeas sofas...but they were expensive.
Now I am thinking that I could just buy the fabric myself and make my own.
Color options are limited....I have a "thing" for the New England look....a BIG thing! :) So my first color was White....but am not sure!

Is there anyone out there who owns a white sofa??? IF you do...would you please write me a note or two with your feelings on having a white sofa. My first instinct was...oh it is soo going to get dirty! But I like the look of a White sofa.

Please help me!!! :))
Or if you find any websites that is new england oriented and have other colorschemes on sofas, please send them my way!