June 1, 2009

June 1st

wow...a glorious day!! Most likely the last one for a week or so....the weatherman is predicting a cold front coming in tomorrow! :((
Oh well, I got this day atleast! Which started out by a nice wake up call at 5 am...yep on my day off aswell....High schools around here had their prom yesterday so of course there were a few up and about at 5 a.m and making the life of us who slept a living hell! :) Got some more hours of sleep after they all piped down and then went for a walk with a friend of mine...1,5 hours of walking in the hot sun!!
Came home and started with the chores of the day: Cleaning, vaccum, mopping floors etc etc...
All done now...:))

Need to go and get some groceries aswell...getting hungry too...hmm...lucky i wrote a list...maybe I can stick to it!

Peace out and enjoy the weather!