March 16, 2009

Monday morning...

and I have a day off!!! yeah!!!!

I had a hectic weekend i can tell you, saturday I spent the day with these cuties and their mom and dad of course...:))
Then on sunday, I first did som redecorating at home....will show pictures when I am done. Not a major one...just made some more holes in my walls and moved some shelves! :) After that I took the bus over to my brothers house and had a first visit with the newbie in the family: Rasmus!
And I can tell you this, Thilda is already the protective big sister!!
Here they are together. ( and yeah it took a 3 people team to make this shot!!! One to hold the camera, one to steady little brother...who is 3 days old....and one to encourage big sister to lay still!!!)
Now it is chilltime and cleaning on the schedule!

Ohh René sorry I didn't make it o the phone last night!! Fell asleep on the couch and heard a ringing sound in the distant and soo didn't want to go up!