March 18, 2009

Irritated and frustrated

That sums up my feelings for today!!
Today has been a hell of a day at work, seriously don't know what to do! My boss can't accept that you don't do things when or how he says. Today i chose to not drag out all of the wood oil from storage, just filled up the shelf in the store. The reason for it was that the oil was in the very other end of the storage room and tons of things in the way for me to move. (and they weighed a lot) So to not hurt myself, my back mainly, I choose to fill up the shelf and then on friday (when I knew the other stuff that was in the way would be gone) get the whole thing up and put it in place. But you think my boss liked that?!?!?! NOPE, told him my feelings on it and he just said, well then I will move it response: Sure, go ahead! I mean what was he big emergency!!!!! 2 days, he couldn't wait 2 days for it!!! The shelf was stocked up to the rim! Sure the season is almost there, but it is still cold in the evenings and nights so if you do end up using most likely won't dry!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Okay I needed to get that out! :)