June 24, 2013

Bedroom makeover - Planningstage

I have been wanting to do something to my bedroom for months now. I just put up my headboard I have now for sale to get this makeover up and going. Otherwise I will still be dreaming by december...

Do know how I want it to look like when finished but resources are tight so need to be on a budget here. (not that I have made one yet...but need to keep it on a minimum)

Here is a little moodboard that I put together of things that caught my eye and things that I want:

the headboard is something that I will create by myself (hence putting the one I have up for sale so I can get moving and make the one above), I have found the plans online by a very talented lady. (AnaWhite)
The metal stool I own already and thinking of moving it to the bedroom to use as a sidetable. Pillows and lamps are found at Chilli. I am still debating on having a ceilinglamp or just put a floorstanding one in the corner for those days I need to light the room up.
The White bedsidetable I found at Ikea, and it is reasonable cheap for me to perhaps paint in a turqoise color...
Bedding will be in White (obsessed with bare white bedding), and might switch out the arearug I have now to a white or beige one. (have black at the moment.)

Any ideas or don'ts??

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