May 14, 2013

Spring = new shoes

Not sure about you, but over here Spring = New Shoes!! :)

Long gone are the heavy winter boots and come light, pretty shoes.
Last year I tossed out a few pairs that have had their share in mileage so to speak and last week I went looking for new ones.

First and foremost I needed a pair of everyday shoes with lots of comfort and here is what I found:

bought here


I did splurge a bit for these, but figure that it would be best in the long haul. See I need a bit of cushioning in the soles, I get blisters quite easily, and these were really comfortable. :)

The other pair I got were sandals...I pretty much tossed mine last fall when I put my summer shoes away.

bought here

Nice cushioning in these aswell and they are a good everyday sandal.

Now I just need to get my hands on a few more...for every other occasion.. ;)