May 13, 2013

Kitchen floor makeover

When I moved in to this apartment a little over a year ago I had them install new flooring in the hallway. Which turned out great, trust me...anything would have been better than what I had.

A old really ugly looking linoleum flooring!!! It looked worse in the hallway than it did in the kitchen so I did the Entryway/hallway first since that is the first look you get of the place when you come in.

the floor before (taken a year ago)

And this year the kitchen got pretty much the same makeover. I choose to have the same type and color of flooring (woodlaminate) to get a cohesive look to the place.

It turned out pretty good for doing it myself for the first time around :) The above photo is right when I started.

Here is when I was halfway there and were waiting for my mom to arrive with some tools that I didn't have on hand. Bless her I say! :)

All in all we (yes my mom stayed on and helped me finish) did finish the floor that day. All I had left to do was a few touch ups here and there.

And know my eyes are looking to the other imperfections that look a bit dated etc since the floor look soo great in there. Hard to live in a rental and having restrictions...

The journey will continue.... :)