October 29, 2012

saving, hoarding....or collecting?

A frase we have is "a deer child has many names", well I guess you could say the same for someone who likes to hold on to things. I know a few in my life that are excellent in keeping things that just don't need to be kept.
For instance...this past spring I helped out this sweet young lady cleaning out her room. And to think of it, I do this almost everytime I go visit her....hmm....

Anywho, cleaning her room is a project. A endless one but fun. A lot of excuses are made, stern voices, laughter and exhuastion. We got through it...as we always do.
One of the things that made me keel over in laugh was this piece of paper found in a stack of many other papers.

Apparently she wrote it in class....

I got to hand it to her, she is creative!
Meg Honey....keeping a paper like the one above is on the verge of being a horder... just so you know :)

Everything went okay, she had a clean room and I turned back home.
Months went by and this summer I decided that I want my frames up on the walls and filled with photos and art. So I get started....realizing that I need to develop more photos to fill the frames. So I put that project on a hold and days turned into weeks and then months. So a few weeks ago I decided to tackle the project again...

I still didn't have photos for all the frames but went ahead on hanging them anyway.
One of the frames is a bit larger and I wanted something vintage in it. After a little thinking a lightbulb went on in my head and I remembered a little something I bought on one of my travels.

This is where I have to bite my words...

In 2002 I believe...I went to see The Monticello in Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and got a copy of the declaration of Independance. I had every intention back then to frame it, however not the intention to wait 10 years! :)

So Meg...I guess I am a bit of a hoarder too... ;)

I did frame it....now all I need to do is fill the other two frames with photos. :)

To a certain degree we are all hoarders/ collectors....guess we just need to know when it goes overboard.