October 24, 2012

christmas is almost here....

...i know...it is not even november and fall is not quiet over, but to keep ignoring it would be bad. Especially when the chill air is coming in.

And the fact that I broke out my winter coat this morning really puts it just around the corner. Brrr....

I love fall, and the one we have gotten this year is one by far the best in a long time. But when you know that Christmas is around the corner, you start planning for christmas gifts and start browsing around for what you would like. At least that is what I do. :)

So here are a few things I have found that I would like; and may not be a priority purchase by myself.

always wanted one but never gotten around to get one.
I keep saying that mixing the dough by hand is fine....:)
love this! Would really want one...soo cute!
not a big priority but would love it for my Kitchen Aid
a whoopie pie pan....mmm....see lots of baking ahead. :)
and this, a most likely splendid tool, but somehow I never get around to getting one.
want this headboard....probably will not get as a gift, but would lov it!

Oh soo cool...