June 11, 2012

Quality time with family

Every now and then you need some quality time with your family.
So this past saturday we drove down to Malmö and visited my sister and her boyfriend. Got to see their new apartment and the town.

First order of business was to visit the American Store and just reminice about all the good food you had when I was over last. (which wasn't that long ago and yes I still need to post those photos) :)

I got me som Milk Duds....Warning very addictive!! As you can see already... ;)
Some Icing, found a chocolate one and am going to try it out later on this week.
Oh and spray oil, so nice to have when baking. Am not a fan to grease my pans manually. :)
They had more stuff but didn't want to ruin myself by getting stuff just for no reason.

Besides....my sister lives there and can always find an excuse for her to bring home or when I visit. :)

They do have one great grafitti wall, a photoshoot there would be fun :)

We only spent a few hours in the city but I must say, much nicer than I believed it would be!

Happy Monday!

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