May 14, 2012

trampoline, sandcakes and soccer

WildChild #1 is learning soccer, now i do remember when my sister was in her age and doing the same thing. In other words....where there were a group of kids...that is where the soccer ball was to! ;)

WildChild #1 is the one in black and blonde hair. They did some games to warm up I suppose.
They had a waterbreak, not WildChild #1...she did some gymnastics. ;)

They hustled, made a game plan.... and most importantly....

they ran:

 Imagine a bunch of 4-5 year olds running in a group, so cute to watch!
What was even more cuter to watch was WildChild #2...check his face expressions:

Wonder if he did find anything up his nose?! ;)

Cutiepie!!!! Little shy guy he is...

I am not a huge fan of soccer, so when I heard this little whisper from cutie above saying he wanted to go to the playground...I jumped for joy! (well on the inside that is) :)

 We rode a motorcycle (not a real one), did some sandcakes in the sandbox...well I did the sandcakes. WildChild #2 bossed me around. And guess what he did to my sandcakes!!!! Evidence shown below:

And he kept promising that he wouldn't do it again....don't trust a 3 year old in the sandbox!!
Trust me!

After the practice we went home to my brothers house to hang out a bit and had a blast on the trampoline (think it is called that). Good exercise I tell you! Think I spent 30 minutes or more on it.

all in all...a fun day!

Can't complain on how to spend a sunday, really!