October 12, 2011

The end of chaos

So here I am 6 days later and am almost done with my "mini" makeover.
The white patches are gone and 3 of my 4 walls are now completely white. (ceiling too..)
All the woodwork in there are white and look fresh, not the ugly yellow white tone it was before.

Furniture are not in the same place as before.

Discovered I had a lot of extension cords before, that I don't seem to need.
(strange since I have the same amount of electric stuff as before)

Need to clean out my desk drawers and cupboards to get better organized.

Also need to get back into scrapbooking soon...like yesterday!

Need to clean the floors...

Which will bring me to my purchase of the month, a not planned one but a must have.

Say hello to my new vaccum cleaner. For my pad he is very duable and pretty too :)

Happy cleaning!