October 6, 2011

creative vibe...

Have had a creative vibe going on for the last week or so. And I discovered that I had fun doing it too! :)
Imagine that!

Ended up making some cards to have for later on. My stash of everyday cards are going low and need to fill up with more.

Not sure when will be the next time I get around to do it. My creative vibe got me to re-do my livingroom/studio again...not sure what I got myself into. (of course I do...)
Anyhow, my shelves has come down and I am now greeted with white spots on one wall. Then I might end up painting the room aswell.

Will post photos later on on how it goes...

But here are some inspirations for you all:

All I need for this is to finish a greeting on the bottom and I am done!

super easy and fast! A piece of paper, and letter stamps.

See the blue cardstock in the photos? Well let me tell you this....I only used 1 cardstock to create all those cards. You can get much with little supplies! :)

Happy Fall!