May 23, 2011

not so good...

at blogging lately it turns out! :(
So sorry about that, but life seems to take some control over me now. Trying my best to juggle multiple things in the air at the same time. Which isn't going so well... :)

I will try to better myself and post more and hopefully topics you find interesting :)

Tried a new recipe for a sallad today (yummm...btw) and after loading the pics in the computer I noticed I had some more on the card that I had forgotten about.
Not at all like me but juggling a personal life, weight loss and well life in general these photos didn't come in first priority. A shame really cause looking at the little (mischief) Princess in them says different. :)

Her face isn't in focus but soo love the facialexpression

a little help from mommy and that gorgeous smile came out! :)

Ahh...the million dollar shot! So love her eyes...
The last one is my favorite and capture the Little Princess just write, a bit of mischief in her eyes and happiness!

Keep a lookout for the recipe I will post later on this week.

And a challenge for you: Stop what you are doing sometime today and look around and breathe....take in what you have and smile! :) Why not stop and take a photo of it! :)