February 12, 2011

Silly faces+venetian mask

We always get down low in our family...and being silly is so much fun when there are kids involved. Something about being a kid yourself.

My brother and his bunch of huligans came over for a visit last weekend and here are a few pics showcasing our fun and silly family:

Think this is the new Facebook profile! Don't ya think!?! :)

WildChild #2 tried the fishy kiss face, he is getting there...

After a buch of silly faces, we tried to get her to do a straight normal face
expression....ehm....don't think this counts as one though. :)

She totally loved this Venetian mask, and this probably is the most
straight up face she mustered that day.

And the silliness came back! Lets just say that we are a silly bunch in our
family. :)
Just one more for the road....
See the proud daddy in the background....and you wonder
where she gets it from...:)

Have some more pic's from this day that I will showcase later on.

Enjoy your Saturday....