February 13, 2011

For my brother

As you read in the previous post I had my brother and his Huligans over for a few hours last weekend. Well...lets just say that he was very eager to see the photos of his new baby, even asked me when I would post them.

So with no further delay....here they are:

11 weeks old Kira


who does enjoy her toys...can officially say that all his "kids" have played with it.

A wrestle match....really cute hearing this almost 2 year old telling
the puppy to let go! :)

Of course some crafts did take place and this little WildChild wanted to play too.
He is starting to put words in sentences and it was soo cute to hear him speak.

Her first word when she entered the front door:
"I want to Scrap" (in swedish: Jag vill pyssla)
 We spent a few minutes doing some crafts, involving WildChild #1 cutting up a few things she weren't allowed to do...her response...Ooops (with a devious smile)

Her younger brother though didn't last that long, he found this set of play keys and went around my apartment locking and opening doors.
He even ignored the vacuum cleaner!!!! (all of you who knows him know that he can play with one for hours)
Locksmith for a profession maybe??

 Hope your weekend was good!