November 18, 2010

Tickle, tickle

On my trip back to U.s I had an encounter with an very cute and funny character named:


Yeah you read it right!

This was the day before my flight home and I decided I needed to get some more photos of the beautiful colors outside.  Fall is my favorite season and love to go out and practice with my camera.

Anyway, got a bit sidetracked there,

This Elmo though were a bit different than then one you see on tv, a tad bit different I may say.

This Elmo had jeans, jacket and a brand new Ipod Touch!!

Although he did sound like Elmo at one time or two, I wasn't that convinced. But as a sweet heart that I am...I let him come along for the trip. :)

He was good for a while...then he went on to demand some Hugs from everyone....

....Elmo got a little bit pushy...

....I threathened to take away his Ipod and he calmed down

for a while!