November 14, 2010

3 weeks and a few days

That is how long it was since I left for vacation.
Time moves really fast when you are having fun, too fast sometimes.

But I wouldn't change those 3 weeks for nothing! They were Jam packed with lots of fun and plenty of Photo opertunities. (plenty!!)

And with that I have oh...about 500 photos to go through and some will be deleted and some edited and some will be printed! ;)

Speaking of photos, guess what I blew 70 $ on???

On these gorgeous vintage cameras:

They will be part of my shelf display! The man who sold them to me were a real gem, he said he was soo pleased to sell them to me cause I kept asking for the history behind them.

Below are a few of my favorites so far, and a few will be printed and framed.


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