October 2, 2010

Birthday present

This year for my birthday I wanted one thing and one thing only!

I am a woman and we have handbags to hold pretty much everything that we need to have around all the time. The thing was...I wanted to have my camera with me all the time, cause you never know when you will find that Kodak Moment!

So with no further ado....here is what I gave myself for my birthday:

An Epiphanie Camera bag!!!

Love love love it!!
I went with a brown color...you know so it would go with any outfit.

I am a woman, alright!!

That wasn't really the yes factor to it...it was the inside...TURQOUISE interior!!
It literally screamed my name!

It has been a jewel and it keeps a lot of stuff! Lots of pockets and it fills most of an amateur photographers camera equipment.

Go over to Epiphanie's website to check out all the other camerabags.

I have my eye for a Lola....