September 12, 2010

In honor of fall

Woke up early today, don't ask me why..cause I ended up going to bed late too.


And on my day off too!!

Hmm...very strange.

Besides that I after eating breakfast and in the midst of doing laundry had this craving.
I wanted something juicy and something fall related.

Oh and something sweet!!

So in honor of fall I made a juicy appelspongecake. YUM!!!

I have posted the recipe before, click HERE

Just switch the raspberries for peeled apples cut in thin wedges and sprinkle with cinnamon and pearlsugar.
I also did half sugar and then two heaped tablespoons of honey in this batch.


Note...check the cake a few minutes before the due time is up....I over did it a bit and the bottom got a bit dry. But hey it went down anyway!!

Going into sugarcoma now!

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