August 7, 2010


I has been quiet over here for  a long time. I have been busy and yet not busy... (if there is such a thing)

I will blame it on a hectic workweek, toothache, and just plain exhaustion! :)
Might be a sporadic blog posting for the next 14 days or so, just to warn you. I am currently trying to finish a online course in a matter of 18 days, and I have just started. So a lot of stress will be involved to finish the course.

Besides that life is going to speak.

Last weekend i attended our MarinFestival down by the harbor with some friends. It has been an annual thing where lots of ships have come down to show off their studs and lots of artists performing and food stands all over. :)

Along with that I have been working a lot...some nights I haven't even turned on the computer due to tiredness...and that says a lot. :) My schedule has been like this: 7 am day started, 10 am at work, 7pm getting off from work, 7.30 pm finally home, 8 pm light dinner and relaxing time on the sofa, 9 pm still on the sofa and 10pm in bed. (not much for socializing there I tell you)

My place looks like a mess too and needs a good cleaning, when that will take place I have no Idea!
Need to discuss the switching apartments with my neighbour, like today!
and I need to go into town and get some stuff for a friends party too....AND study for the online course....

I better go and get started on those things....