July 29, 2010

What I love - Part Five

I am a big, BIG, movie fan! Have always been and will always be one. I mean who wouldn't love to just hang out and watch a really good movie?!?! Sure there have been some failures in the midst of all...

Here are a few of my oh so many favorite movies:

1.  Stand by me

This is an 80's classic and I luv luv it

2. Transformers
Action, lots of stunts, comedy and just action...mmm

3. Pride and Prejudice
I love me some Mr.Darcy. Although this isn't a movie, but a
tv-series I think it still goes here.

4. E.T
another 80's classic...good one too.

5. Shrek
I am a huge animated junkie too.
This one is just awesome!!

6. The Outsiders
Okay, I was a teenager...so firstly I saw it mainly due to the
looks of the dudes above.
But then I really took to the story and is one of my favourites of
all time.

7. Braveheart
The accent, the story and the music...need I say more!

8. Terminator
I liked Judgment day better, but all in all...good action!

9. Gladiator
I get chills watching this one...:)

10. Grease
Who doesn't like this movie!!

This is just a few of many movies in my list! And it is a long...long list too! :)
If you haven't watched any of them, I suggest you do.

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