July 3, 2010


a few weekends ago I attended a bacherolette party for a "old" friend from high school.
One of the things we had to bring with us were a gift that would symbolize the friendship we each had with the Bride to be.

My contribution was this Cardboard letter A, which is the first letter in her name.
Really simple actually.

All you need is well a cardboard shaped letter of your choice, some pattern paper, glue and a few decorations.

What you get is this:

(this is the front and back to it)

Quite pleased with the outcome I must say.

(even debated to keep it myself and give her my letter M I have on my shelf...but alas...she didn't have a M in her name.)

Which then made me think of re-doing my letter M...which then just made me tired! :)

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