June 29, 2010


The weekend offered some variety to the midsummers feast that we all celebrated.
Midsummers Day I spent at my mom's house helping her with the brick path she has. It had set itself and when rain comes...it makes nice puddles where it is not suppose to be any.

In other words I spent my day on my knees laying bricks. Am not going to complain on how my body is now rebelling by shouting out pains whenever I walk around! (so not wining at all!) 

I did get some brakes to enjoy a nice lunch my niece asked for...pancakes! I swear if that kid could live on pancaks and meatballs, she would! (lol)
She did on the other hand make the day go faster and lucky for me, my camera came along and got some great shots.

My niece don't stay in one place for too long so shooting her is not the easiest thing ever. Until....she wanted to go swimming in my moms concrete pond. Luckily we apprehended her before she could jump in and explain that dirty water isn't the best thing to swim in. So we cleaned out a large barrel and filled it up for her.

hehe...lucky me she was still...

Love that expression...don't remember what she was doing though.

This look pretty much says *will you take the picture already!!*

If she only knew what the next 10 years will be....ahh *sigh*....:)

Mischievious or what!

Talking about Michivieous...soon enough her brother came with their dad. Oh boy do he take after his sister in facial expressions.

Yep...Michief is in those eyes I tell you!!! Therefore...the nickname WildChild nr.2.

This one is landing in my Favourite file...

Over and out....

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