June 27, 2010

Midsummers Eve

Here in Sweden we have a holiday called Midsummers which goes way...way back in time. I would say that the ultimate purpose to celebrate it isn't quite the same as now. But any excuse to get off from work and enjoy summer..right?!?!! :)

A maypole is decorated and then put up in a field. Everyone is dressed up in their best summerclothes, lots of laughter, sunshine (usually), dancing and of course Strawberries! That pretty much sums up Midsummers Eve around here.
I remember the ones I used to celebrate with my family as a child and to me those memories are precious.

There is always time and room for some sort of sports. Some play Soccer, baseball, crocket (spelling probably wrong) and one that we played: Kubb (not sure how to translate that in English)
There is a bunch of wood blocks that the opposite team has to bring down with the help of wood sticks.

Am not going into details about that game, but it is fun and a nice exercise to do after dinner! :)

If you ask someone what Midsummers Eve says to them, they might say:
*the maypole
*family and friends

But to me...this photo says it all:

Happy children with evidence of Strawberries on their face! This says it all to me.

The following shots are the evidence that she actually did eat a strawberry.

mmmm...yummy strawberry! *hope nobody is watching*

*ohno....someone IS watching!!....Hey...wait a second....*

*Who is behind that camera??!!!*

And with that I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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