May 29, 2010

What I love

I have a few things I love, aside from my family and friends...:)
These few days I have been using google to well infuse my soul with some of my loves. I go to sleep dreaming of a life I don't have (not saying that I am not blessed or anything) and wake up far far away. But in the sametime I feel to speak.

Following photos have been found using google, so I don't take credit for them.

First...I have a thing for lighhouses....oh boy do I!!
Now I can imagine living there...all peaceful and serene. does have a ring to it! :)

I mean who wouldn't want to go to bed with that sight right there!!

This has nothing with lighthouses, but I love that house!! hmm summer home in Italy, maybe?!?!

Have to think about that...
....okay moving on.. is my favourite season ever!!! I could live in that house....I could! (yes I know, it is spring so I shouldn't post photos when the summer is over.....)

The road less it!

Also love landscapes, Imagine a nice rustic country home right by the lake and having this view from your bedroom window!! (I am going of to lala land now)

Or this view from your porch!

My other love are Dragonflies. They are part of the insect family and probably the only insect I love and think are beautiful. I have a few around my house given from various friends and family members. Also have one who flew and sat itself on my shoulder too. 

I love baking too, glad I have friends who are happy to oblige to eating my creations! :) Do love this cake, might have to switch out the pink though...:)

A few other loves I have are certain songs and movies. But that is for another post altogether.

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