May 30, 2010

What I love - Part Two

There are certain smells or Scents that I absolutely love. Some bring back memories and some just makes me happy. (The photos have been found via Google)

In Swedish we call them Syrén, think in english they are called Lilacs but can't be sure. However, these bushes or are they Trees?? I mean some are shaped like bushes and other are tall as trees...anyone who knows??

Anyway, they are a common "bush" here in Sweden and bring the most heavenly scent ever. To me they represent Spring and that summer is approaching. There are a few planted along my exercise route and it is a joy to walk by and just to inhale slowly.

Cinnabon rolls...yumm!!! :) The scent these make when freshly baked, is just precious to me! This brings me way back when I was in elementary school. My mom always made sure we had cinnabon rolls in the freezer for company and sometimes for a afternoon snack. The scent of them when you come home from school and waiting for you with a glass of milk. *sigh*
My mom makes some Kick ass Cinnabon rolls!!! I have tried them once or twice before and well...they don't come out the same. Made them once in U.S for St.Paddy's day and colored them green...haha the look on some of the folks at church were priceless!

My mom also made bread for us all. We were a large family and well ate a lot so baking were cheap and inexpensive way for us. This is also a childhood memory and is still etched in my nose! :) Imagine fresh bread out of the oven, sliced and just  butter on them....ohh I am getting hungry!

Coffea....I am not a coffea drinker. I am not revealing my age but I have never liked the taste of coffea. However I do LOVE the smell of coffea!

I just love the scent right before the rain hits in summertime. Or when it has stopped. Brings back all of those summerbreak days as a child!

Laundry that has been hung outside to dry...what a scent they bring. What a scent of comfort it brings when you snuggle in bed with sheets that have been hung outside to dry. *sigh* Think I need to do my laundry over at my mom's house more space over here.

Part Tree of these series are coming soon...:)
I am off to raid my freezer in luck of something eatable!