May 1, 2010

it went over the mark + Giveaway!


I have now offically more than 4000 visitors to this blog!

Incredible that there are people who actually do read and take a part in my life...(yeah okay, I do know some of them!:))

But with that said I will celebrate it with a giveaway!!!

I have 2 invites to VODDLER  (Video on
and 1 invite to Spotify (a free subscription to music)

So write a little something in the comments section below, you have until Tuesday the 4th of may.
And then i will announce who will be the lucky ones!

1 comment:

  1. En inbjudan till Spotify hade inte varit dumt! Det skulle förgylla min vardag av studier och trotsiga ungar!! ;). Kram Karin