April 30, 2010

Greed and glutony

It seems that every year I do go over to the States to visit the Manley's I almost always end up in IKEA. I know...why would I, a Swede, go to IKEA when I am on vacation in a different country?!?!
It all ends up with me never keeping my mouth shut!!! :) (it gets me in trouble...)

It all began in 2001 when I volunteered to paint a whole floor over at the Manley's when they were on vacation in Spain. (it almost cost me a friendship...Marion remember?!)

Luckily it didn't!

Then someone spoke of an idea of turning their basement into a dungeon....(not me)
But I did lend my imagination and again volunteerd to do the job.

Yieks..what is up with that!!!

Then someone complained that after their kitchen got a new paint the cabinets stood out and looked a bit missplaced. Guess who opened their mouth and said that a new white paint job would do the trick??!

(before the white coats of paint)


yeah...me.... I seriously need to check my mouth into rehab or something.
Think this was in 2005 or something.

Then we did all sorts of DIY's around the outside...
Like planting a vegetable garden, which then the year after we cut down after it becoming a djungle! :)

Last year, it all began again....I had the previous year (2008) offered to help Miz Meg and Thomas to paint their rooms. (and I can not say NO to those faces)
So off we went and in the process we needed some new furniture for one of the rooms....ergo...IKEA!

I however believe that René only wants to go to Ikea because of these little yummies:

I honestly do belive that!! (I mean she couldn't bribe me to go to IKEA with these)

Now this is where I go greedy....see we got a 6-pack of cinnabuns and ate one each at IKEA. Which leaves 4 left....me...I said that we should just stay and finish the other 4 aswell!
But no René said that wouldn't be fare to the ones we left at home, cause they couldn't get some.

This is where most would feel sympathy and say..."yeah you are right, what were I thinking?!"

Not me

I said, "They don't know that we bought them, so they wouldn't miss out!"
Which gave a look from miss René....:))

When it comes to sweet stuff, I am a GREEDY person!

All in all, I don't mind doing the DIY's and interior decorating! I have had a blast through out the years and wouldn't trade them in for anything!

So...with that said...René...I would gladly help with the kitchen this fall! (I will most likely be willing myself to be bribed with the goodies in the last photo!)