May 5, 2010

I am for hire!!

I have this sweet tooth, a major one I should say! :))
Made some cupcakes and icing today, since my sweet tooth wanted it! And it is fun to make aswell...I can easily make a few dozen or so. The problem is that I don't really want to eat them all by myself!

Cause, lets face it...i would look very plump so to speak.

very plump!


they do look yummy don't they?!

You want to see how they look from the inside?!!

Well...anything for you....

I might have been a bit glutenous....
but they are really tiny bite isn't enough!!

I am leaving you to bask in their glory!!

Oh and just would like to say that I am for hire, will discuss my payment when a date is set! :))

And if there is anyone who has the same sweet tooth like me...above is the recipe.