May 4, 2010

" I go again...on my own..."

Home today due to not having a voice that can be heard! Nothing serious, just a cold that conviniently sat itself on my vocalcords so speaking is well funny and hard.

Have spent the day in outmost silency and it is BORING! and listening to some classic 80's rock...(anything that will bring my mood up)

Speaking of music...the Giveaway is now offically over!!! So after this post I no longer have any more free subscriptions to give! :)

But the lucky ones who got one are:
Karin (who will get a Spotify subscription)
Emelie (who will get a Voddler subscription)

Karin, email me your email address and a spotify subscription is on its way to your home! :)

Now onto other things....

...not that I have much else to say. ;)