March 30, 2010

long weekend

The past weekend was packed with stuff and places to go. Saturday I cleaned out behind the tub in the bathroom...can say my back isn't all that happy with me for it.

But it was time for it and I had put it off for some weeks now.

Sunday, we (Alexandra, her girls and me) drove down to Helsingborg for a Scrapbooking fair and spent some money. Needed a few key things so the tab for me came pretty high. Wonder why it does that ;)

But we had fun...
...especially the car ride down.

(when two people who are known to have poor memory, it is mandatory to bring with you driving directions) :)

After the Scrapbooking fair Nea came home with me and spent the night (and it was a loooong night too)  and the day after she had swimming lessons that I tagged along for. Got some great shots too...

Nea with her group

Pure bliss, look at that face!´

This is the "You want something" look

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