March 27, 2010

a little blue today...

I am going to warn you that this post is very, extremely long!! So if you want to bail then do so now, you won't have the chance later! :))

Woke up feeling a bit blue today, guess the weather is one factor. (raining cats and dogs around here)

Started to look through some old photos from way back in the day, not sure if that was the best idea. There were mix feelings all in all. Pure happiness and sadness...

The Photos below are in no chronological order, but they were a bunch of thousands that made me smile and reminice! And YES I am giving it all out, I mean if I can't share then what is the point...?!! :)

This is from way back in the day, 8 years ago in fact. Pille's Goodbye party and it was just us 3 gals, a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Tequila, cake, food, chips and salsa and lots of music.
(not going to let you know what happen later that night and how I woke up)
Not sure what we were laughing about, but I do remember how hard it was for us to get the selftimer to work on the cameras! And I do believe we had like 3 of them on a row, GOOD TIMES!

Ladies, you are the best of fun ever!!

A other knack of mine is to shoot photos of from left and right.
And I especially like taking photos of houses I like.
This is shot going to Harpers Ferry, from the car and I do believe I stuck my hand out of Marion's sunroof...or was it her window. (not at all dangerous...)

2001 people!!!! Man can't believe they were this tiny!!
Oh and soo cute too!
Ha...think this is the only photo of me in shorts...(and the only time ever too)

This is one pose I always have her do whenever we go to Harpers Ferry.
Had to nag her to do it too....played the "aren't you suppose to be my bestfriend card"

yeah...I like to bully people to pose! :))

Winchester...think 2004. Not sure, and I don't feel like looking it up. (ha)
I liked that trip, all of the Manley's (even Brandon) and me.
And yes this is one of the houses I wanted. (a girl got to dream can't she!!)

Think I told René I was going to buy it and open up an Inn or Bed and Breakfast.
She liked the idea and gave her a reasont to come and visit every weekend! :)

Ahh....okay when did they grow up on me????
Ohh I do remember those pants....ohhh I did love those sandals.
"sigh"....I do miss them... will never forgive myself for throwing them out. :(
Nor the Pants...I mean shoes last forever right?? They don't get worn down....

Oh I do miss those pants!!!! We had a good life together....I really really liked them. 
Not sure what I was pointing at....ohh haha now I remember. I was posing! :)

Man...those sandals! and those pants.....
Disregard the facial expression. Think I was looking at a car....
Gal's.....remember the Ranger?!?!? ;)

Ahh...this face! Don't remember if he gave me the sad face for me washing his hair
(he and washing didn't see eye to eye that summer, oh those excuses...haha)
But yeah...he either gave me the face for making him wash his hair or he wanted something....not that it ever worked!!! ( :)
Few years earlier he gave me the same face with crocodile tears and litterally broke my heart.

Starbucks....come on?! Who can live without it!!!
Oh can they make a Chai latte or what!

Yum!!!! My favourite place to eat!
(among others)

Once in a million I suppose....don't think I have ever gotten them together like this since.
I miss them....a lot!

Oh this cracks me up. See the white van in the middle??
You see we (the manley's and me) decided to go on a hike one day, saturday activity.
We even bribed the kids with lollipops too! (bribery is the best thing ever)
But anyway...the car in the distance and to were René is standing is how long we got....
before Miz Meaghan complained and said can we go back now!
That kid cracks me up everytime..

I don't always threaten my family and friends to pose for me,
I sometimes take photos of them without them knowing it! :))

One of my knick knacks....guess that is why I have trouble to get them to pose...hmmm.

This one makes me laugh!
See we went to a Park a few years ago and had a picnic....and what comes of that is usually trash.
and the goodhearted we are we gathered up ours and started to find on....we walked and walked. Pille and I stopped and said that we should just head on back to the car and take it with us...
But Marion were determind to find one and she went off....and was so sure there were one by the next building....she was gone for a while and then she came back....with the trash in her hands!!

After the ordeal or trying to find a trashcan....we saw this sign!!
They didn't have any trashcans in the entire park!! :))
Don't think I have laughed so hard ever.....

Whenever we get together we always take a groupshot.
Timer is our thing!!

And yes if I had leaned to the left I would have gone down a very rocky path!
I like living on the dangerous side....:))

Think we were trying to take a photo of Pille without her knowing it.
It backfired!!
Marion did a poor job not laughing. Me...I tried to hide mine with my hand.
She ended up taking one of us instead!

In the last 9 years I have a lot of memories...some good and some bad! But both are life altering and have a place in my heart. Thankful I have a hobby that lets me store my memories for ever and ever.

I have plenty more photos to share and some who well I should just keep to myself! Don't think that the people in the photos will appreciate it if i post them.
Marion and Pille.....remember the pool and a killer whale floatie?!?! ;))

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