January 28, 2010

lazy susan and Peter Eastway

Today I have not moved far from either this computer or the sofa!! I have become a very lazy couch potato lately....not liking the pattern of this at all! Haven't had the energy or the will to do anything.

Depressing really....

Oh well...I guess I am in a rut or something. But I have been dreaming and wishing for money...been surfing the world wide web and found some really great photographers. Truly inspirational photos!!
Going to show you some from a Australian Photographer named Peter Eastway, bumped into his work when I was on Scott Kelby's website. (a great site too!!)

Have fun and take a look at Mr. Eastway's work down below:

Love this one of the Orca's....not at all yealous!!!

Check out Peter's website by clicking HERE

Truly Inspirational and you have to read his Guest blogpost over att Scott Kelby's site. Loved that feature Mr.Kelby does, by inviting different Photographers to write a blogpost every Wednesday!

Now I am off to get something to eat and get ready for the meeting at work.