January 19, 2010

busy bee or maybe lazy tortoise

For being on sick-leave I have lots of projects to do and I never say no to another one!! :)) (there should be a stop button somewhere on me....can't find it though) But all in all I have fun and somedays I am bored as hell, could be the lack of socialization. Hmm...wonder how I will be the first day at work in a month. Haha... think my co-workers might have to run!

So these projects, well I finished one the other day. Catching up to my "Year in a review" Albums, so happy that I am all caught up. Weird thing though is that when I finished it, my mind went in other directions....on my travel album. Need to get that one updated too. And then I need to work on my BOM album too (book of Me)....but for that I need new albums...and I am on sick-leave...and that = short on money.


Anyone with some left over cash laying around?? No??? Oh well...I tried! :))

The other projects I am currently working on is searching for my ancestors! Which actually goes hand in hand with my BOM album. I want a family tree with all my ancestors in it, you see!
So far I have traced down family from way, way back in the day. 1749 to be precise!!! Oh and that is on my mothers side only. I have someone on my fathers side that are doing there family history so no work over there....thankfully. My eyes are hurting and my back is stiff and hurting from all this....and we are not going to talk about my bum either!!

In the midst of this I am going to the Physical Therapist twice a week and doing leg exercises every morning and getting together with some friends now and then.

But I tell you this....just being lazy on the couch is ohhh so lovely!!! :)

Oh and been baking bread too!!! Figure that since I am home i can cut back on that part of my grocery list and just bake them myself! I made carrot bread with pumpkin seeds last week....yummy!

And with that I leave you! Trash needs to be taken out and I think a walk around the block will do my knee some good!

happy tuesday