November 14, 2009

2 old hats and 2 goofy kids.....

Spent an evening with wild child and crazy child the other night....can't say I have had more laughs! They found these two old hats my mom had in her dress-up bin...and what a kodak moment. Now getting the Wild and the Crazy together were a bit tricky....
The story begins:

First of The Wild Child (to the left) didn't quite take to the idea of a photo moment....but The Crazy Child (on the right) just loved the idea.

Didn't take long for the Wild Child to pick up on the game, but wait...what is happening with your hat Wild Child???

Wild Child: "Hey, who turned off the light???"
Crazy Child: "Who cares, just keep smiling!"

Wild Child: "Oh thanks, Grandma!!"
Crazy Child: "Great, now my smile is fading!!"

Wild Child: "Hey your mouth wide!"
Crazy Child: "Like this??"

The story is