October 14, 2009


As a girl...sorry don't remember what age I was in...maybe oh 14-15 or something, my passion for tv and films started. There were amongst a few one perticular tv-series that I just loved. "The Young Riders" it was called, sadly not running anomyore...but oh how I loved it.
For years now i have been searching the web for a dvd copy of it, and to my luck a year ago I found it. Although not to purchase here in Sweden, so it took my til end of august to finally make up my mind and buy it. Got it last week, the first season....ohh boy oh boy! Then last friday I turned sick...my cold acted up and I had an infection in my body...so rest was on the schedule. So for 3 days now...I have been watching the 5...yes I said 5 dvds containing the first season of the Young Riders....I was in heaven. Thought I would load it, since I was so much younger when I first saw it. But no no....it was still good! This is where my love for westernfilms/tv-series came too...to this day I still love a good western.

Here they are...a young Josh Brolin and Stephen Baldwin.
Although they do look good here, it wasn't them I was watching for....

It was this guy!! Gregg Rainwater...yummy....

what a girls should know though...is that everyone grows up.
Yeah....that girlfantasy...nowadays...well don't think so! :)

Now the sad thing is that I have watched all of episode one, and know that there are 2 more episodes to see. The problem is that I haven't found them on DvD's!! :((
So if anyone know anything on were to find them.....please let me know!!

I beg you....PLEASE!!! :)