October 19, 2009

Banana cake or in this case muffins

Had some ripe bananas that I knew I wouldn't eat and to my luck a friend of mine had a delicious recipe!! (getting into the non-spoiling of food....sorry to say that I have been at fault to that sometimes)

(not so good photo...but you get where I am going with this one)

The recipe:

100 gram smör        (butter)

2 1/4 dl socker         (sugar)
3 bananer                (bananas)
2 ägg                       (egg)
3 3/4 dl mjöl            (flour)
1 ½ tsk bikarbonat   (bakingsoda)
1 tsk bakpulver        (bakingpowder...or just take a bit more bakingsoda)
1 tsk vaniljsocker     (vanillasugar)
1 dl mjölk                (milk)

175 grader ca 45 min   (about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 min)

I put in some cocoapowder aswell..but you can do as you wish...

Obs!! gör ni muffins så kolla efter 10 min, (if you do muffins/cupcakes check after 10min)

Enjoy!!! :))