September 30, 2009


is on my list of things today!

Last night I came home with the biggest chills in my body ever, fearing a cold I quickly drugged myself with pills and nature remedies. This morning it seemd okay...took the remedy for last night this morning as well and off on my bike to the harbor for a day of learning and knowledge. In halftime my head started to hurt...figured I would endure the rest of the class so I could go home and go into horizontal mode.
Came home with the killer headache and realized I had to go into town and by some more cold drugs. My thought was....GREAT!!! and a sourpuss face!

So in I went and came home as soon as I could. I started the horizontal mode thinking my headache, that was now so huge I could barely keep my eyes open, would find a release and subdue. But no...I fell asleep so I didn't feel anything..until I woke up....oh brother. I wanted to chop my head off. And that is what it has been for the last oh...6-8 hours. I hope this will disappear tomorrow.

Shouldn't really be on the computer, staring at the monitor either..(don't think it will help subdue my headache at all..) But oh well...not tired...

boy it is pounding away in head that is.
Over and out..think I need to lay down.