August 8, 2009


The Princess have arrived! :)) Babysitting this cookie tonight, since I am leaving on wednesday and won't see her for a while. First off we headed off to the grocerystore to get some food, Pizza was on the dinner menu tonight.
Yummy too.

Then she realized she wanted to order pizza because the homemade version would take too long (which it didn't...but then kids, what to they know of timeperspective?!?!) So we made the pizza or I should say I made it, and the Princess were crafting at the kitchen table!

A long debate occured on why she couldn't write certain letters in the alphabet, a few tears came out and after a while she got the hang of things. I mean the girl is only 5 years old (soon) and makes a fit on not knowing on how to write certain letters....Yieks! :) But we turned things around quickly and after a while she figured out on how to do them with a bit of guidence from me.....Such a clever girl!! :)

Of course the camera had to come out...and since she was sitting still...why not! :) I do belive I have damaged her for life though....everytime I did take out the camera to get a snapshot of her when she didn't notice....she looked up or kept doing what she was but turned on a smile for me! :))

Then if you didn't know, I am a person who knows everything, EVERYTHING i tell you! That's what she said and I am sticking with it!!! :))

So a dinner of Pizza, a bath and then Barbie in Swanlake and candy....if you ever have to watch Barbie in Swanlake....RUN!!!! Or just close your eyes and put cottonballs in your ears!!!

Such a boring movie!!! But I put on a happy face for the Princess when she explained to me on what who was doing....the ENTIRE movie! :)

She is a sweetheart I tell you.

Princess is in bed and that took a while....Probably called for me oh....10 times or so before she clonked out!

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures.....