August 29, 2009

on the mainland again

after som grueling hours on the plane I have arrived home again. My back is killing me and I am tired as a...a.....I don't know, but I am really tired. Slept poorly the whole week and think I only got like 2 hours on the plane I could say that I am beyond the 24h stretch here.....not sure if I will make it or not. :))

Have had a great vacation wish it weren't over....don't want to go back to work. :(
To lazy to upload any photos now, so you will just have to wait til I get home to my place....and then I have to screen through ohh 300 shots or something. Then maybe, just maybe I will show you some....;))

Got to get the airplane stunk out of me and get a nap. Maybe I will get together with my nephiew tonight....if he is feeling better...