July 1, 2009

When there is nothing to eat.....

Then you whip this little dish up! :)
One day last week I sure did not feel like cooking...so what to do you ask?? Well I mainly opened my fridge and looked at what I got and what would be the most greasiest and quickest. And that is when I remember a recipe Pioneer Woman posted on her website. She made this cheese/olive bread that looked oh so divine. Natually I don't like olives...I know....shoot me! :)
So I just whipped up a substitute.

The ingredients: (whith no measurements....since I just dumped them all in a bowl and didn't bother)
red onion (I used 1...did remember that one)
bell pepper (any color would work), I used a fireroasted one in a jar
pesto...since it was already in the fridge :))
pepper and some salt

Oh...and a loaf of bread...I used a italian kind

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl....the butter is best if it is soft.
Cut the loaf in half and then go ahead and spread the mixture on both half.
Put on a pan and in the oven it goes for oh....20 minutes at about 225 celsius

Absolutely, terribly, and most of all divine...that is the feeling when your lips touch base with this one! :))

Check out Pioneer Womans recipe that was inspired for this one....HERE