May 12, 2009

what is it with vacation.....

that makes you put on nailpolish?!?!?! Weird...sitting here, after eating a very healthy dinner (eh...nachos is healthy, right?? it got carbs, dairy, vegetables...:) ) and watching tv...and then comes the oh so lovely nailpolish! Why don't I do it whenever? Now that is the question.
Oh well..I am sure it will come to me, one of these days.

Today is Tuesday and I won't have to set my foot at work until monday! (what you will be hearing now is my cheering sound...)
Going up to Stockholm tomorrow to stay with my grandparents. Spending the days shopping, painting, socializing with family and eating...mmm nice!

Will take with me the camera (like I would leave that at home....yeah right) and there might be some updates here and there during the week. :)

Enjoy the sunshine..