May 5, 2009

Photoshop, no cable....

Were sitting and browsing with my computer and noticed that my background music (the tv) was out...I have no cable!!!! Not that I was watching anything, but it has never happend before! Must be some power outlet in need of some service around town or something...

Anyway...that actually made me go ahead and look through some photos from this weekend. I promised you a photo update, and what you ask I shall recieve.... (hahaha...I was actually the one who asked...)

I babysat this cookie on friday night to Saturday, we had fun sleepover with lots of candy and lemonade. Watched cartoon network and just chilled. Then on Saturday morning we went over to the playground to wait for my mom to come and pick us up.

After a lot of this is months of begging she (the little cookie) got her wish fulfilled. She got to ride a horse. See we went over to visit my brother w/family to hang out. And luckily they were heading out to their horse...which led to that we kind of followed...:))
Here they all are, The little cookie, the wild cookie (which is the blond little thing in the corner), ther Horse Elin and Camilla...the owner. (oh...and me behind the camera ;))

This is the Wild cookie....and I mean WILD!!!
She also has this thing for rocks, stuffed her pockets full! :)

This is after the ride, the little cookie and the wild cookie gave The horse Elin a hug and a thank you for letting them ride on her. What you don't hear is the "MMMmmmm" sound from the Wild Cookie!! :))

Here they are the both Cookies picking in the dirt....luckily I am not the one
cleaning their clothes!! ;))
We spent the day with my brothers family and had a blast. My Mom'a brought with her some of her cinnabon rolls!!! YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the grownups ate them I am serious...WE DID!!!
The kids you ask?? NO they didn't get any at all....come you actually think we would share the cinnabonrolls?!?!?!? (René would agree with me here ;))
To tell you the cookie were fast asleep and the other cookie were playing and didn't want one! :))