April 6, 2009

A weekend summary

Weekend is over and it is monday....back to work...and guess what!! The SUN is shining!! I mean...why couldn't it shone yesterday when I was at home and just chilling?!?!?!
Oh well..

Saturday I had to get up at a freakish hour....7 am!!! Had laundry day so up I went! I sort of just went and put a load in the washer, came back up and went to bed again...:))
Then i re-planted my plants, vacumed up the mess, installed some more updates on my new computer and I do believe i did eat breakfast in that time aswell. Met up with a friend and her daughter in town and enjoyed a nice icecream in the sun! Such glorious weather!!! Did some shopping...not me, my friend did! (i am on a tight budget after my computer buy)
came home and sat in the sun on my balcony for a while and just enjoyed the weather...knowing it wouldn't last forever....which i did experience on sunday. Had such plans yesterday...and they all went down the drain...all due to the weather! Not really, I just didn't have the strength to do anything. Just took it easy, watched a movie, fibbled with my computer and just kicked back.

Am off next weekend aswell, easter weekend! My mom needs help with her garden so i will spend most of my time there! :) Hoping the weather will cooperate!

Until next time